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About the Taylor Toller Memorial Fund

The Taylor Toller Memorial Fund was established in memory of Taylor Toller, whose life was tragically cut short by an act of family violence on July 26, 2018. This fund, which is run through The Calgary Foundation,  stands as a beacon of hope and resilience in her honour. It is a donor-advised permanent endowment fund crafted to ensure Taylor's legacy endures through meaningful action and support.

Each year, the fund allocates a portion of its market value—determined by a carefully considered percentage—to support charitable initiatives, with a particular focus on combating Family Violence and battling Addictions. This strategic approach ensures that every donation made to the fund, no matter the size, multiplies over time, transforming even a modest contribution of $100 into a lasting impact that will continue to grow and serve our community for generations to come.

The inception of the Taylor Toller Memorial Fund was a heartfelt decision by Taylor's family, driven by a desire to transform their profound loss into a catalyst for change. By directing resources to areas that honour Taylor's memory our hope is to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by family violence and addictions.

Trustees of the Fund:

  • Joanne Toller, Founder

  • Kennedy French-Toller

  • Ethan French-Toller


We are committed to creating a safer, more compassionate world through the Taylor Toller Memorial Fund. A world where the challenges of family violence and addictions are met with the combined strength of community support, strategic funding, and the enduring spirit of a life remembered.


Join us in this mission and see how your contribution can be part of a powerful legacy of hope and healing.


Supporting Change on a Day of Remembrance


Each year, as we honour the memory of Taylor on her birthday, February 22nd, the Taylor Toller Memorial Foundation embarks on a heartfelt tradition that embodies our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world. On this significant day, we proudly announce the charity that will receive our support for the year ahead, chosen with care and purpose to align with our values and vision.

Our foundation, fueled by the generosity of our donors and the growth of our fund, dedicates the dividends earned each year to a cause that stands out in the sector. This annual announcement is not just a testament to Taylor's lasting impact but also a beacon of hope for those we aim to support, offering resources, support, and visibility to the invaluable work done by our selected charity.

Join us on this journey of remembrance, action, and hope. Together, we honour Taylor's legacy by transforming our collective sorrow into a force for change, empowering those who work tirelessly to mend broken lives and rebuild shattered dreams. The Taylor Toller Memorial Foundation invites you to be a part of this annual tradition as we unveil the charity that will carry forward our mission in the coming year, turning our shared grief into shared purpose.

Support the Taylor Toller Memorial Fund


All donations to the Taylor Toller Memorial Fund are securely processed through the Calgary Foundation, offering you multiple convenient ways to contribute to this impactful cause. Whether you prefer to donate online, by mail, over the phone, or in person, your support will help continue Taylor's legacy through initiatives combating family violence and addictions.

  • Instant Online Donations: To make a donation and receive an instantaneous electronic charitable tax receipt for contributions of $25.00 and greater.

  • Phone Donations: Prefer to give over the phone? Call (403) 802-7700 to securely provide your credit card information.

  • Mail or In-Person Donations: Cheques can be made payable to the Calgary Foundation, with "Taylor Toller Memorial Fund" indicated in the memo section, and sent to
    Calgary Foundation
    1180-105 12 Ave SE
    Calgary, AB T2G 1A1

Please note: In accordance with the Income Tax Act, charitable tax receipts can only be issued to the donor (the individual or organization whose name appears on the cheque).

Your contribution makes a meaningful difference. Thank you for your support.


The Taylor Toller Memorial Fund

c/o The Calgary Foundation

#1180, 105 -12th Avenue SE 
​Calgary Alberta T2G-1A1

© 2024 by The Taylor Toller Memorial Fund


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